The Perfect Daily Schedule To Clean Your Home Not The Weekend

DO NOT SPEND THE ENTIRE WEEKEND CLEANING UP! THE SIMPLEST PLAN TO MAINTAIN YOUR HOME IS IN YOUR HANDS. With the perfect daily schedule to clean your home not the weekend, you will never miss the best moments with family doing house chores.

At times, it seems like there are just too many things to do and not enough time to do them. If you’re always looking for ways to help your house feel clean without spending hours on the cleaning process, then this article is for you. We have put together a simple schedule that will give you an idea of what areas need to be cleaned and what order those areas should be cleaned in. With this schedule, you’ll never feel like you missed a spot (or that your house is filthy because you couldn’t keep up).

With this plan, we promise that you won’t spend your time cleaning the house and you will get the best house cleaning effortlessly.

Do you spend Saturday cleaning and Sunday with the washing machines? With this plan, we promise you will get the best cleaning effortlessly.

It is very common to leave some cleaning tasks to another time, which means that later on on the weekends when we have more free time we spend days cleaning the house.

The Perfect Daily Schedule To Clean Your Home Not The Weekend

We do not take advantage of our time remaining with our family. With these tips, you’ll find out what tasks you can do throughout the house so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the accumulated “for later” cleaning.

And while there are routines for a 30-minute weekly housecleaning, why not try to do a little bit every day?

The Perfect Daily Schedule To Clean Your Home Not The Weekend

1- Kitchen tasks

It’s very easy for a lot of dirt to collect in the kitchen, as cleaning is usually more time-consuming than dusting. We have almost any type of dirt in the kitchen: we find food scraps, and grease, which makes cleaning even more difficult.

Either way, there are things you can do on a daily basis that will surely help you clean the kitchen at top speed.

There are little tips to help us save time.

For example, when you change the trash bag, clean the trash can holder with a disposable cloth or wipe, you will be doing two tasks in one and it will always be clean.

In addition, it will ensure that the trash can is clean and smells great all the time. The same goes for other trash cans.

We could also follow the same principle: when we cook, clean as we go to avoid accumulating kitchen cleaning all at once.

The cooktop

 If it’s gas, a good idea is to put aluminum foil or plastic protectors around the burners. Splash-proof panels that help protect your countertop and tiles are also helpful.

The ground

Avoid staining the ground with food splashes, to do this, place a mat or a plastic protector in front of the fire area. Sweep the rest of the floor and scrub it after eating to avoid accumulating crumbs and lint. These are accumulated little techniques that save us time when cleaning the kitchen.

The microwave

Three times a week, put a bowl with water and lemon, turn it on and let it create steam. This way it will always be clean and free from bad smells.

If you are not convinced, you can still clean the microwave as usual, but do it often, so that the dirt does not accumulate.

The fridge

always clean the fridge before shopping. This way it will be easier and faster, and you will have a place for the fresh. Another good idea is to put paper in the drawers.

The freezer

  If you need to defrost it, unplug it before going to bed, so when you get up you just need to wipe it off with a cloth. Now don’t forget to protect the floor with a towel just in case.

The furniture

  to keep the interior from filling with oil or crumbs, place paper towels or plastic on shelves and drawers to prevent furniture from getting dirty faster.

The oven

after use, wipe it with a cloth, so it will not accumulate dirt. With this trick, you will have to deep clean the oven less often.

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2- Bathroom tasks

This is the room in the house where the most humidity accumulates. But that’s not a disadvantage, on the contrary, since the steam will make it easier to remove dirt in the bathroom.


After the shower, check all the jars and containers in the bathroom. Throw away only the empty ones, as well as the cardboard toilet paper, in an instant, you will have another bathroom much tidier and cleaner.

The faucets

Wipe them daily with a microfiber cloth and keep the multi-purpose wipes handy. This will prevent lime from building up and having to be removed.


save time by cleaning them after a shower or when using hot water. This way, it will be much easier for you to look good in an instant.

The curtain

germs and debris accumulate there, so it is important to clean it well after each use, removing soap residue with plenty of water.

The glass wall

dry the drops after you shower and wipe with a cloth every other day so that the lime does not accumulate. Cleaning the shower screen will never be easier and it will always be sparkling.


cleaning the toilet is always a headache, but if you add vinegar once a week, in 10 minutes you’ll have it ready without having to scrub or bend down.

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3- Bedrooms tasks

Keeping your rooms clean will not only save time on the weekends, but you will feel better and even rest better there.


when you change them, put them directly in the washing machine and start it.

If at that point you go out for the week’s groceries, when you return, they will be ready to dry for silky-smelling sheets.

The mattress

instead of having to vacuum it every week, turn it over every two weeks and take the opportunity to ventilate it for a few hours.

The iron

if instead of leaving everything for the same day, you distribute it three or four times a week, it will be less tedious and it will not pile up.

We’re all the same: we don’t like to iron especially when we need to iron our man’s shirts.

4- Children’s bedrooms tasks

Keeping your child’s bedroom tidy might not be easy.

But you don’t have to do it yourself, get them involved in the order and cleanliness of their space and when the weekend rolls around, they won’t have to spend Saturday morning cleaning their room. (Yes, ideally, they should be the ones to at least clean up the dust, pick up the toys, and vacuum the floor).

At each age, they need to be involved so that they can adapt to putting the toys away as they go, or even putting their dirty laundry in a corner of the room.

5- Living room tasks

While it’s easier to keep it tidy, there are also a few tips that will save you a lot of time and keep your home clean.

The couch

 when you go to bed you shake the cushions, fold the blanket, and leave everything in order, you won’t have more work than you need in the morning and the space will be tidy.

The Floor

if you vacuum it up every two or three days and rub it once a week, it will still be clean. The same goes for the armchairs.

The furniture

instead of dusting all the furniture in the house the same day, go through the little nooks and crannies every day so as not to get dust.

Spend five minutes a day dusting some furniture, it won’t hurt you and your living room will always be clean.

Mirrors and windows in the house

  As with dust, it is best to spread the cleaning of glasses over several days so that it takes less time each day. We are quickly fed up with it.

And if they do get stained, review them immediately to keep them looking clean. This is the key to people who always have clean homes. They do all the chores for the house as they go.

Adjusted mats

  If you vacuum only the most used daily and remove stains instantly, that will be enough to keep carpets clean.

A word of advice: avoid cleaning on weekends. On top of that this is when you will receive more visits from friends and family, it is time to rest and think of yourself.

Therefore, it is best to leave it for Monday and, with a more relaxed mind, order, pick up and vacuum what has been stained over the weekend.

A messy home can lead to a cluttered mind. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and stressed out on a regular basis, it could be because of your living space. It’s time for an organizational overhaul! We have the perfect schedule for cleaning up your house so that everything is in its place.

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