tips to organize the kitchen

The Most Important Tips to Organize the Kitchen

Are you looking for the most important tips to organize the kitchen?

A kitchen is a place that has been prepared and equipped specifically for the purposes of cooking and preparing food.

And the arrangement of the kitchen is the basis of organization in any home.

This task is performed by everyone in the house.

It contains many tools and appliances that help the housewife to prepare food easily.

Yet, in this article, we will present ideas for arranging the kitchen.

Tips to organize the kitchen

There are many different ways to organize the kitchen in order to have a perfect and healthy kitchen free of crowding or accumulation of waste.

The most important of these methods are the following:

 1-Choose small pieces of furniture in size which suit your kitchen and be elegant and attractive.

The process of choosing carefully is the only way to get a healthy and perfect kitchen.

2-Choose pieces of furniture that you can use for more than one purpose

For example, choose a table that contains shelves, drawers, and cabinets, in order to use the space of those drawers to save some cooking symptoms.

3-Choose light colors

     When choosing the colors of the kitchen, choose the light colors for the kitchen paint.

This can be found in the ceramic. It gives the illusion of a wider area and chooses strong and light-colored lighting.

4-Choose trendy swatches

     It has a metal handle so that you can easily install it on the kitchen wall, and give more beauty and elegance to your kitchen.

  5-Use the sides of the refrigerator

     Install metal or wooden shelves on it to keep bottles of oils or spice sets.

 6- Choose small plates and utensils

      So you don’t take up too much space in your kitchen while storing.

7-Add a metal stand

    This is at the door of the kitchen cabinet to hang the towels on it, making it easier for you to keep them in a specific drawer in your kitchen.

 8-Arrange the spoons

     Arrange them inside a rack that is round in shape.

So that it is vertical and does not take up much space in your kitchen.

9- Arrange the dishes in an orderly manner

    Keep large pots and pans in a special cupboard or drawers so that you arrange them in ascending order from largest to smallest.

 10-Arrange pot covers and pots on wooden stands

    Linearly and add a stainless steel flap inside your kitchen cabinets so that you can use it to store all the tools, and make it easier for you to reach the desired purpose as soon as possible.

11- Add dividers inside your kitchen drawers

    So you keep as many utensils like forks, spoons, etc.

12-Exploiting the area above the pelvis

    To hang all the different tools that you use frequently.

Use the different baskets inside your kitchen cabinets, and install the soap holder on your kitchen sink.

 13-Take advantage of the sink cabinet

Hang all the different cleaning tools on it.

you can also add nets to keep washing powders and sponges for washing dishes and put the trash can inside the sink cabinet.

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How to arrange the kitchen

If you want to arrange your kitchen, you should use the special tools that will help you in organizing and arranging your kitchen.

You do so by using:

● Rubber placemats that have the ability to stick, to fix the plates and glass cups on them with ease.

● Wooden barriers as insulators between household items of the same type, such as placing this wooden barrier between large or small glass dishes.

●Iron supports to place the dishes on them immediately after washing. when they dry, move them to their designated place.

Arranging cooking utensils

You can arrange the kitchen and organize all the utensils that you use in your kitchen by type, through:

    1-Put the pans and utensils of the same type inside each other

You can do this by putting the small from the inside and the large from the outside.

Put them in their own cupboard, and their lids on top of them.

Then put them all in one cupboard designated for. So that it is easy for you to know their place and use them with ease.

2-Arrange and save appliances such as a coffee grinder, blender, a coffee maker and a roaster

Arrange them in an organized manner on your kitchen table and keep them on the table most of the time.

 Store the devices that you don’t use often in the cabinet or the box designated for each device.

Put the cups and plates in the cupboards near the dishwasher or near the drying rack to finish cleaning, drying, and putting them in place faster and easier.

Arranging food in your kitchen

You can store food in your kitchen inside the cupboards designated for this.

You can store as much food as possible without spoiling.

But you have to follow the following tips in arranging the kitchen:

 In case you do not have a pantry to keep supplies and storage, you can put food inside the cupboards.

It is also recommended to keep bottles and containers with foodstuffs or spices in the cupboard near the place of food preparation, which makes it easy for you to reach them quickly.

     You can store canned foods in your kitchen according to their different types and sizes.

This will help you find and use them easily and know your needs for different foodstuffs easily.

Organize kitchen utensils

All the tools in your kitchen are arranged according to their importance, so you get a perfect and tidy kitchen, through:

     1-Put spilled or sticky food in the appropriate containers for this.

Then store them in a place where you can clean them easily.

     2-Organize cooking books and put them in the places designated for them so that they are away from fats and cooking steam.

And you can also put them away from the oven or refrigerator so that they do not get burned.

    3- Hang frequently needed items, such as kitchen towels or aprons, and the gloves you wear when carrying hot pots, away from the oven or stove.

     4-Store cups and utensils for later use by keeping things you use regularly close at hand so you can get to them faster.

And utensils and dishes that you use on occasions just put them away.

     5-Arrange things that are similar to each other in their own cupboard in your kitchen in a specific place for cooking, preferably near the stove.

You can arrange pots and utensils in a place close to it.

     7-Put the plastic bags, whether used for packaging or for keeping things, close to the refrigerator so that it is easier for you to store leftovers.

    8-Arrange cooking utensils as close to the stove as possible.

     9-Organize the plastic food containers with their food and put them in a designated drawer in the kitchen.

This will make it easy for you to get them when you need them.

     10-Gather all the lids for pots and pans and put them in the designated cupboard in a tidy and organized manner.

    11- Install a moveable or sliding closet organizer so you have easy access to all the things you use frequently.

     12-Divide the drawers from the inside.

You do so by placing knives in a designated place, spoons in a designated place, and so on.

    13-Separate dining utensils intended for guests or that you use only on occasions, and put them in their designated cupboards.

    14- Use all the spaces in your kitchen, such as the places under cabinets to hang towels, or to put some kitchen utensils.

   15- Arrange the utensils and sets of the same color shade with each other to give an aesthetic view of the kitchen.

     16-Put crockery or glassware in their designated places so that you have them easily when you need them.

     17-Some groceries or foodstuffs are arranged inside the designated cupboards, such as pasta, rice, sugar, or other foodstuffs so that you can get them easily.

Final thoughts

When arranging the kitchen, you should allocate a place in your kitchen to hang the phone, cooking lists, calendar, or dining schedule on the wall in a designated place in your kitchen.

If you have other tips you are welcome to share them with us.

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