The Best House Cleaning Schedule You Should Follow

Every woman is looking for the best house cleaning schedule to follow to avoid living in a messy home.

A home is a place of comfort and enjoyment after the noise of life outside it, and your presence in a clean and tidy house reflects very positively on your psychological state.

It is beneficial for you as a housewife that you can keep your house clean and tidy with little effort and little time if you divide the housework in an organized way into tasks, and then divide them in an orderly manner according to the day, week, month and season.

In this article, there is a daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal house cleaning schedule to keep your house clean throughout the year.

Over time, even the cleanest and most organized homes will be messy, if there is no schedule for all the house cleaning work.

The Best House Cleaning Schedule You Should Follow

The Best House Cleaning Schedule You Should Follow

Daily house cleaning schedule:

Daily cleaning will help you keep the house tidy, clean, and comfortable throughout the day.

And at the same time, it will make the weekly cleaning task easier, and these are the daily chores that you have to do every day:

  • Make the beds every morning.
  • Remove dust from wooden surfaces.
  • Polishing of glass surfaces.
  • Vacuuming floors.
  • home ventilation.
  • Turn on the washing machine.
  • Clean things that get dirty first as soon as they get dirty.
  • Try to clean utensils during cooking or put them in the dishwasher first.
  • Clean the kitchen floor every day after dinner.
  • Clean the stovetop at the end of the day.
  • Always clean kitchen surfaces with water and vinegar.

Weekly house cleaning schedule

Weekly cleaning is the key to keeping the house in order, and this is its most important work:

  • Change of bed linen.
  • Full bathroom cleaning and towel change.
  • Clean the refrigerator, inspect its contents and remove the spoiled ones.
  • Empty litter boxes.
  • Furniture fabric cleaning.
  • Mopping the floors.
  • Sort papers and books on side tables and get rid of unused ones.

Monthly house cleaning schedule

Doing some monthly chores will help you keep the house always clean, and these are the necessary monthly cleaning chores:

  • Clean the freezer, check the validity of foods inside, and return similar foods in one basket.
  • Quickly arrange cabinet shelves.
  • Interior cleaning of kitchen cabinets.
  • Cleaning kitchen and bathroom walls.
  • Najaf polishing.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Polishing room walls and doors.
  • Sort storage boxes.

Seasonal house cleaning schedule

One of the necessary times in cleaning is during the alternation of seasons, and these are the most important seasonal cleaning tasks:

  • Spring: Wash and stock up on heavy winter blankets, refresh the house with cheerful spring blankets, wash curtains, wash rugs, and clean under the beds.
  • Summer: change the home decor with some pieces to suit the lively summer atmosphere.
  • Autumn: Hang the winter curtains and warm your home in preparation for the winter.
  • Winter: Once again wash the covers but this time for summer, and finish heating the house.

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Quick home cleaning tips

1- Insist on delegating tasks to each member of the family, as this will accomplish the tasks required of you faster and easier.

And ensure that the burden does not fall on one person, as it will instill in your children the principles of organization and cleanliness.

2- Put things in their place first after using them or at the end of each day, so that everything is in its place and all surfaces around you are tidy.

3- Clean things that get dirty as soon as they get dirty, to prevent the accumulation of work on you and make it more difficult to clean after staying for a long time.

4- Allocate a specific place for your children to play, to keep the largest part of the house clean and tidy.

5- Teach your children to arrange their toys and put them back in their places after playing.

Following a daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal house cleaning schedule will help you maintain a clean house always.

Try the “Queen mama” schedule and let us know if you have a different schedule.

Of course, you can use this schedule and add or delete any item according to your own system.

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