Flylady way to organize your house

Flylady Way to Organize Your House

Who among us would love to do housework but sometimes you have to do it even if you are not satisfied?

An attractively arranged home is the obsession of every woman at home in this era.

Below, you will learn about ways to clean the house while taking care of yourself at the same time, using the Flylady way to organize your house.

We will also learn about the concept of Flylady, what are its institutions, and what is the purpose of this challenge.

We will summarize the important points from Flylady’s way to organize your house for you in 31 steps, each day has a new step and a new challenge.

Definition of Flylady

Flylady is a new method of self-care and home organization that aims to encourage women to do their housework without evading it.

Flylady is not meant for a flying woman, but the correct translation of the word Flylady is an abbreviation of the phrase “finally love yourself, lady.”

Fly Lady Foundation

Marla Selly is a very ordinary lady, a housewife like all the other women of American descent who was living in a dire state.

A house full of rubbish is a mess and clothes are scattered in every corner of the house, which makes her embarrassed and anxious about receiving guests.

She became nervous and tense, which affected her health, fell ill, and went to the hospital to receive the necessary treatments.

After she was cured, she decided to change her life, so she started writing diaries and routines that she follows daily in cleaning the house.

After that, she decided to share these ideas with her friends and neighbors, after noticing the change first in herself and her surroundings, so she decided to share these diaries with the whole world, so she wrote a book called “FlyLady”.

FlyLady has several websites and web pages, and everyone is talking about her.

Now Marla selly is a well-known businesswoman not only in the USA but in the whole world.

Flylady program to take care of yourself and organize your house

The Fly Lady Challenge is characterized by challenges and applications that a woman can try in 31 days.

Day one

Before you go to sleep, you must wash all the dishes in the washbasin and polish the sink.

Never leave any utensils, even a spoon or a cup. Our motto today is no utensils in the sink.

Never underestimate this small step in the Fly Lady program. You must apply the small and medium steps up to the large ones.

Do not be lazy and do not think too much, just apply.

Day two

According to Flylady, shoes are the first source of dirt in the house.

So we advise you to allocate a place to wear and take off shoes outside the house. Whether, for you or your husband, children, or guests.

This rule applies to everyone, and before taking off any shoes make sure that it is clean and that it is completely free of dirt.

Day three

The Flylady Challenge promises that at the end of the month you will notice a positive change in your life.

The third step of the challenge is that you must arrange your bed immediately after you wake up from sleep. Because, every time you look at the bed, you will feel the desire to go to sleep, and to avoid that, you have to carry out this step.

Day four

Immediately upon waking up from sleep and making the bed, you have to wash your face, comb your hair and change your clothes in preparation for the start of the cleaning and arranging process.

The benefit of this step is that you are preparing to receive today’s tasks, as is the case with women working in companies.

Day five

One of the most important reasons for wasting time is the media and social networking sites.

Fly Lady forces you to limit your time in front of all the distractions: such as the phone, the Internet, the TV…

Do not let these means control you, but control them so that you benefit from the positive side in them and leave the negative.

Day six

Devote yourself daily for 15 minutes, do whatever you want.

Use this day to your advantage, take care of yourself, for example, prepare a mask or scrub for the skin, do an oil bath for your hair, listen to music, love yourself and pamper it.

Day seven

You must fight something called oblivion.

Fly Lady tells you that you must write the things you have to do on a small piece of paper and it is better that these papers be small with colors or drawings to attract your attention, and put them in a clear place so that you wait for them constantly.

Day eight

Determine the hot area in the house, the area that is always cluttered and dirty, whether the bathroom, the children’s house, the reception hall… and allocate it only two minutes to arrange it.

Day nine

Get your clothes ready for tomorrow, whether it is for you, your husband, or your children to avoid standing in front of the wardrobe and looking at it for hours and wasting time.

Day ten

You must have a Flylady book called “The driving book” that you use in arranging your business, for example:

Write the routines or reminders that you must do, for example, start writing four daily routines for the day, such as changing clothes, combing hair, applying moisturizing cream, and night routines such as reading.

Day eleven

Allocate only 5 minutes to arrange a room for the house.

Imagine that a guest will visit your house, here you give a signal to your mind to speed up the implementation of many tasks.

Day twelve

Take 15 minutes to get rid of junk and unwanted items like old clothes, old toys, and tools.

Day thirteen

Every day, write positive affirmations and motivations to give you positive energy, such as I am beautiful, I am confident in myself, I am strong.

Day fourteen

Fly Lady says don’t worry yourself too much, get done and turn your thoughts into actions.

Day fifteen

We will go from small to big steps, for example, in addition to polishing the sink and changing clothes, we will add washing the refrigerator, deep cleaning the bathroom, wiping tools and electrical appliances, changing the curtains…

Day sixteen

Rely on a diary to organize your time. Write down the tasks and duties that you are supposed to do throughout the day, week, or month, whether traditional or digital daily.

Day seventeen

Regulate your sleep time and your wake-up time.

The duration of your sleep should not be less than six hours. You can also take a small nap after lunch to rest for fifteen minutes.

Day eighteen

In the driving book, you must also include important numbers, such as the numbers of doctors, working teachers, etc.

Day nineteen

Accustom your children to responsibility from a young age, for example, have them arrange their toys after they finish playing.

Day twenty

Divide the task of washing clothes into parts.

That is to say, do not make one day for washing, but rather three or four, for example, Today, wash white clothes, tomorrow black clothes, the day after socks and underwear, and so forth.

Day twenty one

Try to fight a destructive habit, which is the habit of procrastination.

Which means that you are delaying the performance of your duties. Never leave today’s work for tomorrow.

Day twenty two

You have to get rid of negative thoughts, people’s words, gossip, and other people’s problems. Take care of yourself first.

Day twenty three

You should do an afternoon routine, for example, bring freezing things like pizza dough or a review with your children.

Day twenty four

You have to know how to deal with difficult situations and find the right solutions at the right time.

You should always have a backup plan.

Day twenty five

Keeping the floors of the surfaces clean and free of dirt, especially the surfaces of the bathroom floor, you must make sure that they are not wet.

Day twenty six

Every night and before you go to sleep, you must arrange the utensils in their designated place and keep the kitchen surface completely free of utensils.

Day twenty seven

No matter how late you are in the Fly Lady challenge for self-care and home organization, the important thing is to participate in it and your attempt to change this is enough.

Do not pressure yourself more than you should in order not to back out.

Day twenty eight

The kitchen is where the woman spends most of her time.

Here Fly Lady advises you to reduce that, as you must save time and effort, for example, cook one difficult meal and the rest of the week is normal.

Another example: Prepare lunch and dinner at the same time to gain time and effort.

Day twenty nine

Drink water a lot, make it a habit, for example: Whenever you enter the bathroom when you get out of it, drink water as if you made up for the number of fluids you lost.

Day thirty

Make a counter in the mobile phone for fifteen minutes a day to take care of yourself, once for the hair, sometimes for the face, and sometimes for the nails, and so forth.

Day thirty one

A small step, you should look at your diary before bed to know what you should do tomorrow.

Final words

If you want to achieve change for the better, you must participate in the Flylady challenge for home organization and self-care in 31 days, and you will notice the difference yourself.

This was a brief summary of the Flylady book and its goals.

The most important rule you must do early, do not to sleep until noon and say I did not notice any difference in my life and there is no need for perfection in commitment and application of the challenge.

Idealism according to Flylady is a disease that ruins your achievements.

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