8 Things To Do Every Morning That Keeps Your Home Tidy

8 Things To Do Every Morning That Keeps Your Home Tidy

Morning routines are essential to having a clean and organized home. They can seem daunting, but if you break them down into simple tasks, they’re not so bad. Here are 8 things to do every morning that keeps your home tidy!

We would all like to have a morning routine that works to have a clean house before we go to work, little things that take us less than 5 minutes to do every morning and that make all the difference between leaving the house and leaving as a field battle or with everything in its place.

There is no morning Monday through Friday that isn’t associated with the rush. We get up and put on the turbo. And organize the house?

It may take us a few minutes to react and activate, but then the homework dance begins, shower, breakfast, kids, backpacks, beds… a nonstop that can turn your house into a fighting mess and, from morning to evening.

The problem with this technique is that when you come back, everything will be the same as you left it: a mess.

 8 Things To Do Every Morning That Keeps Your Home Tidy

With this morning routine, we guarantee that everything will be easier. It’s about keeping order.

The time of this routine:

With organization and good time management, it will take you at least an hour. It all depends on what you usually do in the morning and whether you do it alone or alone or with children in between (with them everything goes a little slower).


We go over what you need to do in the morning to reach the goal of keeping the house clean. In that order or in whatever order makes your life easier.

What to start with :

Get up and open the window to air out the bedroom. This can be done in your bedroom, and each member of the family does it by putting one foot on the floor outside the bedroom.

The Bathroom

A quick shower and a clean bath. At the end of the shower, gather your clothes. Install a basket so that you no longer have clothes and towels littering the floor.

Then, Clothes in place that you do not put on, you put them away.

Plus, hang up the clothes you are not going to wear. You store the pajamas in the basket of your bedroom or your dressing room. Nothing should stay in the bed or hang them on the doorknob.

Also, what you ultimately didn’t decide to wear after trying on the set is coming back to its place in the closet.

Don’t ever forget that “The bed is made every morning in this routine”

Making a bed is something my mom taught me to do when I was 7 years old. After having ventilated the room, it is essential to make the beds before leaving.

This is the thing I forced myself to do before I left for college or even high school. All the beds in the house were made before we left, She said that our beds are our responsibility.

And like you, the little ones in the house must also try to make their own. So, make their life easier with a duvet cover.

It’s time for the kids to get dressed

As you work on the next item, have an elderly person take a look and/or help the children – if applicable – get dressed. If you don’t have children, tidy up your living space … Tidy up your office space even if you work from home. It’s important to have a neutral and tidy workspace that makes you want to work.

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Breakfast and cooking

Prepare breakfast and store all preparations such as the coffee machine (remove the pod); clean the bottles; clean the toaster or store jam and cereal.

This is the key, the kitchen should also be kept neat and tidy after breakfast. So try to stain as little as possible and put everything in the dishwasher. Crumbs on the counter too.

Last-minute bathroom touch-ups before going out

Teeth washing, grooming, makeup, and hairdressing task. For the whole family, this is the last step before leaving home. Remove watermarks from the mirror, always having a cloth handy. It’s those little routines that keep my bathroom always clean without spending too much time cleaning.

It’s those little spots that leave marks that we don’t want to see again when we get home from work. If children take less time, they will play.

For the bathroom, don’t forget to hang out the laundry if you have run a washing machine in the evening so that the laundry in the house dries quickly. Fold the dry laundry.

Children’s room

On the last call, go to the children’s room and check that everything is in order. This can be done by getting them used to not taking out too many toys in the morning and keeping their rooms tidy.

In case children are used to enjoying a few minutes of play in the living room or sitting down to look at a chapter of their favorite drawings, then it will be necessary to see that this room is in order with the living room cushions and the plaids neatly arranged.

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In the morning, it’s not about mopping up, it’s just about maintaining a certain visual order in the bedrooms, in the kitchens, in the bathrooms, but also in the living room.

The goal is to come home with an interior that appears to be clean.

Before leaving

To the hallway and to the shoes. This is the last step before you leave. With this morning routine, you’ll be able to leave the house clutter-free, so when you get home from work you won’t have the weight of putting everything away before bed.

With this method, we focus on other tasks like doing your children’s homework, preparing an evening meal, bathing the children, or vacuuming or washing the floor of the house.

The house welcomes you and we are happy to return with peace of mind.

Tips that make your routine easier

While we have reviewed the actions that will make your morning routine easier to make sure that when you leave the house everything is in order and in place (which you will appreciate when you return after completing the day); we want to give you some tips to make it happen:

Prepare the clothes you will wear the night before. If you need to iron something, do it the night before and leave the garment on a hanger. It’s so much nicer to have your outfit ready to get dressed in under 2 minutes.

   1-Leave the breakfast table ready. With the plates, glasses, and bowls ready on the table. This is a tip for large families, but it saves us time every morning especially when we are in a hurry.

     2-Preparation of lunch for the children the day before.

     3-Let the children’s rucksacks get ready for the next day, before dinner.

     4-If you run the dishwasher at night, empty the dishwasher before bed or else you empty the dishwasher in the morning so there is room to store whatever messes up for breakfast.

With these 8 simple tasks, you’ll start your day feeling refreshed and energized. We’ve all been there – it’s a Monday morning, or the weekend is coming to an end and we’re trying to get everything done before the next work week starts.

We hope you’ve found some great tips for keeping your home tidy. If not, we encourage you to sign up and follow our blog so that you don’t miss out on any of the content we share with you! Let us know if there’s anything specific in this post or about the topic of tidying up the home that interests you. We’re always happy to answer questions and provide more information as needed. Now, go put those dishes away before they pile up again!

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