7 Most Profitable Digital Products You Can Make And Sell Today

A lot of moms sent me emails asking the same question, what are the most profitable digital products you can make and sell today?

In this post, I will go deeper and focus on the most profitable digital products you can make and sell online.

But before, let me tell you something. After the birth of my second kid, I had to quit my 9 to 5 job to take care of my two kids.

Yet, our expenses have increased, and I have to find new ways to make extra money online from my home.

I looked at a list of jobs in which any mom can do from her home. Even being a stay-at-home mom is a job in itself, since it requires a lot of effort.

Every mom in the world wants to stay at home to take care of her kids and home.

I spent months looking for ways to make money online, some ways were beneficial, and others were not.

Thus, I bought a weekly planner to make things easy for me. In that planner, I organized all my researchers.

I was inspired by digital products such as planners, calendars, checklists, etc.

I used to spend a lot of money buying them. When my expenses had increased, I decided to stop buying a lot of things including planners and checklists.

And here is where the idea appeared to me, because I found that a lot of people are selling digital products such as planners, and generating big incomes.

That is why I told myself if they did it so I can do it too. If you are of those who are attracted to making digital products, you are in the right place.

Selling digital products is one of the most profitable ways to make money when you are a stay-at-home mom.

7 Most Profitable Digital Products You Can Make And Sell Today

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Most profitable digital products you can make and sell online

In this post, I will share with you the most profitable digital products you can make and sell online.

Making digital products is my favorite job since I create them once and sell infinite copies.

This method allows me to generate a great passive income every month.

When I first started, I had no experience in making digital products. Thus, I invested in myself and engaged in some courses which helped me be where I am now. So, don’t overwhelm by this, since I am going to share with you all the ways and tips that helped me generate good incomes every month.

I will start with the most profitable niches, and end with how and where to sell them.

Are you ready? Let’s begin now.

Why Selling Digital Products Is a Good Idea?

Selling digital products is a good idea for many reasons. Here you have some of them:

1- Time saved:

When you make your digital product, all you need is to make your digital products once and sell infinite copies of them.

2- Get a passive income:

You have to spend a short time creating your digital products just once. Then, you can sleep and money turns around you.

3- Low investment

You can start with free tools, and gain a great income. It depends on your creativity.

4- Get more freedom and time:

Since you make them once, you have free time to create new products or focus on other things to do.

5- Have a big audience:

When you offer a good digital product, people will share it with others in which you will have new clients every time.

So making and selling digital products is a good start for you mama from your home.

7 Most profitable digital products you can make and sell online

Here you have my top list of digital products that you can make and sell online.

Most of them can be applied to your blog or business. And they fit all niches.

1- Printables

Making printables and selling them is my favorite job. It is fun for me.

I make several examples and then sell infinite copies of them. It is an easy way to make money. Because you design them, then you can upload them to your shop.

Buyers will buy them. They also can print them, and are ready to be used.

To start making printables, you can use Canva, PicMonkey, or Powerpoint. If you have a design background, you can use Adobe Illustrator or Indesign.

Want to be an expert in making printables and selling them?

Check out this course Printables by Number. It is full of information. You will learn step by step in a short time.

I used it when I first started selling printables. It helped me generate a good passive income, more than $1000/month.

2- Ebooks

Selling ebooks is considered the most profitable online job. This idea works better if you already have a blog or your own business.

If you already know that you are an expert in your domain, why don’t you write an ebook, and share your experience with others?

So, if you are just getting into selling digital products, writing an ebook is the best choice for your first product.

You make your ebook and sell infinite copies of it.

All you have to do is invest in yourself, by learning how to write and design an ebook as an expert.

Or, simply you can write the content and hire a person to design it for you.

You can sell your ebook on your own blog, or Amazon Kindle.

3- Graphic design

If you are creative and have good knowledge of using software such as Indesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, it is your time.

You can make more money selling your designs. Your designs can be:

  • logo
  • icons
  • posters
  • menus
  • fonts
  • infographic
  • brushes
  • wallpapers
  • t-shirts
  • cards

You can make different designs. All you need to have is an idea and then apply it to your designs.

You can work with bloggers or specific clients such as companies.

Graphic designs are highly demanded in the market. Because, everyone wants to be unique, but not everyone can be a designer.

4- Online courses

Do you have the ability to teach something important?

If the answer is yes, here we will go. Because this can be your perfect time to start generating extra income.

All you need to have is the right audience and valuable course content.

Don’t ever agree with the myth that says online courses can be only with blogging or ways to make money. This is totally mistaken. I am already engaged in a lot of online courses in different niches.

Your online courses can succeed and make a difference if it is rich with valuable content. And, its content has to teach your audience what they need.

Also, your online course can be in the form of written lessons, worksheets, recorded video lessons, or you can use all of them.

So, if you are a specialist in a specific field, you can create an educational course that covers what your learners are struggling for.

Maybe you can have a course about how to recycle objects or cook specific meals. I know a person from Morroco who made over $60.000 selling a course about how to cook a traditional meal from his culture.

Just think about it. If you know how to do something, and a lot of people are looking for ways to do it, it is in your hands now to start your job.

5-WordPress themes

The idea of working on selling WordPress themes is a great one.

Don’t hesitate at making researches about it. Selling premium WordPress themes is taking a great place in business these years.

It helps people show their interest and share it with others. Many bloggers and business owners are looking for something unique related to their business.

It is not an easy way to get an extra income. Because, the market is full, and there is big competition in this domain.

When you feel that you are ready to take this step, take into consideration to look to other people’s work and make your touch.

6- Stock photos

In the past, there were no laws that compel website owners not to use others’ images. But now things have changed. Everything is controlled under specific rules.

And this becomes a big game.

If you are a photographer, or you have the hobby of taking beautiful photos, you can make money selling them.

To start working on this, you only need to have a good camera and decent editing software.

You can have clients from blogs, or those who have their own business. It is quite easy to get your first client because there are a lot of bloggers who attempt to be unique through their posts and photos used to illustrate their work.

By choosing a specific niche to work on, it will be easy for you to focus on the kind of photos needed.

You can sell your photos on the following platforms:

  1. Your website or blog
  2. Adobe Stock
  3. Shutterstock
  4. Etsy
  5. Fotomoto
  6. Pixabay

7- Personal coaching

No person is looking for digital products or wanting to buy one of these products, otherwise, he is offered a personal training service (Coaching).

There are many experts and professionals who offer to provide some services and advice directly in various fields for a fee, and if you have experience in any field that has an audience, this type of digital product is very suitable for you.

All you have to do is prove to the public that you are an expert in your field and that you can communicate information and put in place simple and effective training programs, so that, the audience responds to you and pays you.

This kind of digital product takes some time to build yourself a well-known personal brand, but it is highly profitable because you can diversify the digital products that you offer.

You can add other products from that I mentioned earlier, such as courses and ebooks, and thus increase your profits.

Digital products are one of the most important sources of profit from the Internet in this era, due to the multiplicity of information sources, and the need for people to trust people to obtain this information.

Now, I think that you know in detail what digital products are and how to profit from them, and now you only need to start making your own products and making profits.

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