5 Tips For Spending Less Laundry And Water With Your Washing Machine

5 Tips For Spending Less Laundry And Water With Your Washing Machine

5 Tips for spending less laundry and water with your washing machine

Most people don’t think twice about the washing machine. It just sits there, full of dirty clothes and stinking up our homes. We couldn’t live without it, so we just shut our eyes and ignore its flaws. But luckily,


The washing machine is one of our household’s big wastes, but there are ways to cut down on the products and the water you use when doing laundry.

A little creativity is all it takes for you to save water, products, and electricity.

Yes, we can always save with our washing machine and we will show you the tips to learn:

  • To spend less water
  • To spend less on laundry
  • And spend less on fabric softeners

Laundry is one of the basic tasks in any home. And while there are lots of tips to make it easier, one of the biggest problems is saving money when doing so.

Laundry can be very expensive between water, electricity, detergent, and fabric softener. And it shows in our wallet, but it’s also bad for the environment.

However, with these tips, you will be able to save money and not waste so much product.

5 Tips For Spending Less Laundry And Water With Your Washing Machine


Soap is essential for clean laundry, but many mistakes are made when using it, using too much, running out of it, or always using the same amount.

With these five tips, your laundry will be perfect and you will save on laundry and fabric softener.

5 Tips For Spending Less Laundry And Water With Your Washing Machine

1-Use the detergent you need

The first mistake we make is putting too much laundry in the washing machine. We believe that the more detergent or laundry we put in the washing machine, the cleaner the laundry will be.

On the contrary, overloaded laundry can weaken the mesh of our laundry.

How much detergent do you need? In most cases, a full tablespoon. But it isn’t always the best option to throw in all of it at once. In fact, the dirtier the laundry load is, the less detergent you need to use. A few people believe that using more detergent equals cleaner clothes. That’s not exactly true, because it also depends on the type of fabric and dirtiness of the clothes. Some detergents are really strong, so you need to use them sparingly. The same rule applies to the amount of detergent you use for different fabric types.

So, to calculate the optimal amount, you must take into account aspects such as the dirtiness of the clothes, the amount of laundry, and the hardness of the water. Usually, the packaging will indicate the amounts you should use depending on the factors we have discussed.

2. Stubborn stains

Another mistake we make is thinking that the stain will go away with the washing machine. On the contrary, if we put it directly in the washing machine, we are more likely to have the opposite effect.

The stain will permeate the clothes.

To do this, first, locate the stains and clean them if necessary. Once done, you can put them in the washing machine. So, you don’t have to wash them twice.

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You can try these few tricks:

  • First of all, soak the clothes in a bucket with warm water and a capful of shampoo. Leave them overnight and repeat the process if needed.
  • Another alternative is to mix a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with a gallon of warm water and dab the laundry stain.
  • You can also use hydrogen peroxide or ammonia to remove stains. The latter will brighten the colors of your clothes too.

3- The dirtiest clothes

Let the dirtiest clothes soak: If you have heavily soiled clothes, it is best to soak them in a little detergent overnight. Then you can wash them as you usually do. It will look great and you will save soap, but also in the wash cycle.

I do this every time for the tablecloth in my dining room and some of my kid’s clothes.

4- Better soap on tap

Soap, better on tap, if you put it in the box, you will most likely lose a large part of it through the pipes. Even if you buy the soap shavings, then make the mixture to have organic liquid soap to wash your clothes well in the washing machine drum.

Ideally, put it in the drum in a dispenser or use one in capsules. Keep in mind, however, that putting the detergent directly into the drum may not completely dissolve and damage your clothes or cause stains.

5- Use just the right amount of fabric softeners

A fabric softener is another great ally of laundry. Even if you like your clothes to come out of the washing machine soft and smell good, keep in mind that adding more fabric softeners is not the solution, as it will spoil the clothes much sooner and could shrink them as well.

Tips to make your laundry perfect:

  • No more and no less: if you don’t use enough, it won’t do its job. But if you overdo it, it can have the opposite effect!
  • Go for a Substitute: Some experts say replacing fabric softener with vinegar will leave your clothes super plush and soft. While it comes out fresh and clean, you can also add any flavor you like.
  • Two in one: Some brands make detergents that incorporate fabric softener. By simply purchasing a product, you will save money in the long run.

How to save water in your laundry?

A washing machine consumes a lot of water every time it is turned on, it can consume between 40 and 90 liters depending on the make and model and the program chosen. For this reason, it is advisable to save as much as possible in this regard.

  • Eco programs and short programs: with them you will save a lot of water and your clothes will come out just as clean.
  • Watch out for losses: if your washing machine loses water somewhere, in addition to wasting water, the washes will lose quality. Even though it costs money, it will be better in the long run if you fix the leak.
  • Classify the clothes: in addition to separating them by color, if you separate them by fabric and degree of soiling, you can adjust the program so that it is used a lot more and, therefore, the water consumption will also be less.
  • Load it fully: Without exceeding the manufacturer’s recommendation, load the washing machine all the way up until a hand can pass. While fewer clothes require less water, there is a minimum amount the washing machine will use.
  • If instead of a full washing machine you make two halves, the final water consumption will be higher than if you had only one.
  • Rinse before starting if you have put on too many clothes: with this tip you will get a better dilution of the detergent by using less water than if you did a prewash.

Stop wasting water and laundry by following these 5 simple tips.  Have you tried any of these? What are your favorite hacks? Let us know in the comments below!

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