5 Genius Ideas We Should Start Making Every Beginning of the Month

5 Genius Ideas We Should Start Making Every Beginning of the Month

It’s the start of a new month and you’re ready for a fresh start. We always set ourselves new goals for the new year but I think we should do it at the beginning of each month to try to achieve our objectives and goals.

If by organizing ourselves better and above all by organizing things better, we can have more energy and above all feel better for the rest of the month.

From setting new goals to mastering your finances, and pampering yourself with a little self-love, keep reading for 5 life-changing things you should be doing at the start of each new month!

5 Genius Ideas We Should Start Making Every Beginning of the Month

5 Genius Ideas We Should Start Making Every Beginning of the Month

1- Set goals at the start of a new month

I personally do this at the beginning of each month. Every time I have a new goal or objective, I write it down on a post-it note and put it in my mirror so that every morning when I get up, for 10 days, I can look at it.

If you are like me and you set yourself many goals to achieve at the start of each year; you should also do it at the beginning of each month to achieve it. These are small steps.

You may have set ambitious new goals for yourself at the start of the year, but how have you kept up? Setting goals at the start of each new month is a great way to hold yourself accountable to your bigger, bolder goals.

Set a time at the beginning of each month to reflect on how the previous month went.

   – What did you like last month?

   – Were there things you didn’t like?

   – Are there things to improve?

   – What did you hope to accomplish?

  – Did you accomplish it? Why or why not?

   – What do you want to do differently looking at the coming month?

 – Do you have things to do this month?

-Where are you in terms of your overall goals?

Brainstorm, brainstorm and set some key goals you want to achieve for the month ahead. Write them down and come back to visit them at the beginning of the following month. It is important to write them down since we can reread them and look back on our writings.

The writing phase allows us to keep track of our perspectives, ideas, discoveries, awareness, successes, and lessons, as well as possibilities, margins of progress, or evolution.

Keeping a journal not only contributes to the development of our ideas but also the one we want to apply in the coming months.

2- Plan ahead

Every morning, I plan my day the night before. I list all the things I want to do for the next day and prioritize my tasks in order of importance. This way when I get up, everything is done and it’s easier for me to accomplish what I want during the day.

Also if something happens unexpectedly, you can always change what you do at the end of each day. It’s very easy to make changes.

At the start of a new month, be sure to take the time to look ahead to what the month ahead entails.

Take the time to plan to avoid failure. Planning allows you to have clearer ideas, to analyze and resolve any problems.

    – What are the upcoming birthdays this month?

    – What social events/commitments do you have coming up?

    – Are you traveling or away from home on certain days?

   – Do you need something to make sure you plan ahead?

You’re unlikely to know all the details of what you’re doing for the month ahead, but being aware of the big events and dates you’ve already committed to will help you organize your time and, of course, achieve the goals, goals you have set for the month.

It is a structured strategy that allows us to focus our attention on what we have achieved, what we are very happy to have done, and what we are committed to improving tomorrow.

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3- Manage your finances

At the start of each month, you should plan your budget to see where all your money is going.

It’s easier to allocate it and make sure you do not spend too much.

You can also create a spreadsheet that tracks your income and expenses so you know how much money you’re bringing in and how much goes out every month.

So you set goals and took a look into the future. And after? It’s time to manage these funds!

The most important thing is to manage and frequently check our finances at least once a month.

When we do not control our accounts, we think we have them under control and small expenses can accumulate like morning coffee with croissants, Netflix or YouTube subscriptions, small gifts that once accumulated from big expenses.

Use this time to pay any bills or credit card payments you need to make. How much money are you going to earn this month?

Do you have a fixed salary? Do you expect to receive a bonus? Or maybe it’s tax season, and you’re expecting your long-awaited tax refund to arrive.

Next, take the time to plan how much you’ll spend in the coming month and budget accordingly.

Just like setting goals, budgeting is essential to managing your finances.

At the start of each new month, set an amount you plan to spend and break it down by category. For example :

    Entertainment = $85.00

    Groceries = 435.00 $

    Cable and bills = 100.00 $

    Rent = 1000 $

Some of these expenses will be fixed (i.e. rent and utilities like electricity and water), but some are variable, so they will change from month to month. It is essential to set a budget for these variable expenses (i.e. entertainment) and see if you can stick to it.

4- Do a deep cleaning

Then kick off the start of a new month with a deep clean – your future self will thank you. We can set ourselves mini-challenges to organize and tidy up every corner of the house.

The challenge can be 15 days, 30 days, or tips for organizing everything in your home.

In addition to your regular maintenance, scheduling a deep cleaning once a month can help you keep your place organized, clean, and clutter-free.

Whether you’re getting into a spring or winter cleaning routine, make a list of some of the key things you’ll do as part of your monthly deep cleaning. It could just include laundry, floors, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, counters, bathroom, garbage, mirrors, fridge, etc…

We need to clean and organize our physical spaces, which we can all agree also helps clear up our mental space.

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5- Make a face mask

So, you’ve set goals, reflected, managed your finances, and done some deep cleaning. Next step: it’s time to take care of yourself! Taking either is as important as managing finances and working from home.

Making a face mask is a perfect way to relax, and reset for the month ahead.

Not to mention that doing a face mask regularly is great for your skin, but we rarely find the time.

The start of each new month is an exciting time to recharge and prepare for success in the month ahead. So, try these 5 hacks to start a new month off right. And do it at the beginning of every month.

So, there you have it. Five genius ideas that we should start making every beginning of the month. What are you waiting for? Let us know how you go in the comments below!

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