11 Tips For Keeping Children’s Bedroom Tidy

Kids’ rooms seem to be the dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a place in the rest of the house. Toys, clothes, and books can quickly clutter up a child’s bedroom and make it difficult for them to find anything. These 11 tips for keeping your children’s bedroom tidy and organized will help you do so.

11 Tips For Keeping Children’s Bedroom Tidy

Through this article, we are going to learn about 11 tips for delimiting the space and not piling up more things than necessary in our children’s rooms.

To organize the house, you only need to follow five steps: select, organize, maintain, examine and reduce the number of things in the children’s room.

With them, what you want is to simplify your daily life. Thus, with this technique, we favor the appearance and comfort of objects.

This is why “you have to choose very well and decide” what to keep and what not to keep.

Once selected, we will delimit the space that each group of things will occupy in each room and we will organize them by frequency of use, by color, by function, by size…etc.

Once you’ve decided, it’s your turn to choose the organizational accessories to store it and establish habits to keep everything tidy.


If you have endless space for your things, you end up filling it with what you don’t need.

The most important thing is the limited capacity: we must therefore delimit the zone for each category and limit the number of things that we will keep in this zone.

For example, it is necessary to delimit a space such as a drawer for T-shirts. This will be the first step.

Once that’s done, see how many will fit without being cramped or cluttered. If the drawer can only accommodate 20 T-shirts, then the same amount should be kept at all times.

The best accessory for organizing drawers are the adjustable dividers and containers with compartments for the drawers of our dressers.

Indeed, they allow you to pick up small things that very often do not stay in place and end up everywhere in the drawer. This is as much for office supplies as it is for underwear or kitchen utensils.

And, in addition to keeping order, it makes it easy to find them the first time when you need them.

11 Tips For Keeping Children’s Bedroom Tidy

The trick to all of the tips is to tidy the room with the kids. It is vital that we decide where things are going with your help. That way the room will be tidy longer and let’s not forget to include the children.

1- Take your time

  the order is important, and it must be passed on to the little ones. That’s why it’s not worth doing it quickly and because there is no other cure. Take the time you need and show them the benefits of organizing the bedroom.

2- Make decisions together

 involve them in the decision-making process, but establish what tasks need to be done and how often. A good organization of the tasks would be to make the bed, to collect what we use, to prepare the backpack and to throw the dirty clothes daily in a basket, every week to sweep and dust, as well as to pick up the clean clothes.

And a few times a year, go over the clothes you have to keep only the clothes that fit your kids.

Everyone should participate in the process. Discuss what should stay, what should go, and whether or not there are items that may be useful to give away.

3- Few times a year, go over the clothes, you have to keep only the clothes that fit your kids.

There is no need to keep your child’s clothes if they are too big. To start this task on a Sunday, after you have had a chance to go through what your child has. Keep only those clothes that fit and those outfits he really likes. For younger kids who often grow too fast, you can keep their clothes for a few months and show them the outfits they will soon be able to wear.

4- Set up play and storage areas

Knowing where toys are stored and where they can play is crucial so that things aren’t scattered all over the house.

There does not have to be one from everyone throughout the house. For example, in the living room, there may be a play area and storage space, that way you won’t have to carry the toys from one place to another. Don’t forget to invest in wicker baskets to store all the toys.

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5- Make sure the place of things is comfortable

if you are not sure where everything is going or if it is not easy for you to access this site, the easiest way is to end up not putting it there.

Establish a place for each item, but be sure to look at each site from a child’s perspective to see if it is easy for them to put it in that intended location.

6- Tidying up can be a game too – tidying up doesn’t have to be a chore

You can turn to tidy up into a game and explain to your kid that this is fun. For example, you can divide the floor into four areas, each representing a different season of the year. Each child takes turns putting one toy in each area until all the toys are put away.

So, Play a matching game where everything is stored. Labeled with pictures or letters will make it very visual and can help a lot.

7- Organize the space by zones

every activity has its space and therefore what they need to do must be accessible. So everything will be more controlled. Besides by type of thing, it can also help to separate by child.

To make a child’s bedroom more organized, create different zones in the room. In one zone there will be clothes, and in another, there will be books and toys. This system makes finding what you need much easier.

You can label things so that everything has its place and everyone knows what and who it is.

8- What’s less used goes up, what’s more, goes down

This might seem like a logical step to your child. Frequently used things can be stored at lower levels and items that are less frequently used should be placed up high. This way, your child will know where to find and store everything and you won’t have to worry about him making a mess.

You may also want to have a box or basket handy for storing what is used very, very often, but be sure to check it once a week.

9- Sort the office quickly

This task will take your child some time, but it is important that he learns how to do it. Show him the different documents and ask him to put them in chronological order. This will give your child a sense of responsibility and help him better understand the “system”.

To keep the desk tidy, I recommend taking advantage of the vertical space. For this, shelves or wall organizers with small containers have everything at hand, and everything has its place.

For drawers, if you have them, the best are the bins with compartments or dividers.

 10- Make the most of the boxes

You can use a box to help manage your child’s belongings. For example, you can have a “lost and found” box where he can put everything he hasn’t seen in a while. Don’t forget to show him how to use it so that you don’t have to remind him each time.

A good idea is transparent boxes to store what is used the most. With them, we can locate the interior quickly and they are also durable and easy to store.

If you put different toys inside, it’s best to use dividers or store small pieces in bags so that they don’t get mixed up. For stuffed animals, it’s best to use baskets, which can also be folded up when not in use.

If you have chests, be sure to compartmentalize the inside.

11-  Prepare the clothes for the next day

Before your child goes to bed, take a moment to prepare his outfit for the next day. He will be able to get dressed easily in the morning and you won’t have to worry about finding the right shoes or a clean shirt.

If you have more space consider having plastic drawers dedicated with days and putting everyday outfits there to save time. You can also prepare all the outfits for the week on Sunday afternoon.

The bedroom is the ideal place for your child to play and learn. Therefore, it should be an organized space that helps him develop his skills in an environment he will enjoy. By taking a few of these steps, you can transform your child’s bedroom into a more pleasant place where he feels comfortable and can have fun!

Make sure to check these 11 tips for keeping children’s bedroom tidy and share with us other ideas if you have.

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