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11 New Routines To Adopt At Night For A Successful Day

11 New Routines To Adopt At Night For A Successful Day

What should I do at night before going to bed?

Does your nightly routine feed you? Or prepare yourself for success?

I know I know. Everyone loves their nightly Netflix, and we love watching TV before bed.

We all want to be successful, but sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning.

It is so easy to hit that snooze button and roll over for a few more minutes of sleep, but you know that this will mess up your entire day. You need an effective way to get out of bed on time every morning without fail.

Try adopting these 11 new routines at night for a successful day tomorrow! These are simple tips that can be easily incorporated into any lifestyle or routine.

A nightly routine can sometimes be a tough sell, but a few intentional habits can make a HUGE difference in how we live the rest of our lives.

So hear me out with these smart nighttime routine ideas! There is more time before bedtime than it seems!

11 New Routines To Adopt At Night For A Successful Day

“You will never change your life until you change something you do every day. The secret to your success lies in your daily routine.”

John C. Maxwell

Here’s where it can happen. An evening routine is just as important as a morning routine!

The actions we take at night can mean the difference between taking care of our health, getting enough sleep, growing up, and managing our stress.

It’s our last chance to make an impact in our day, and it’s also the BEST opportunity to prepare to conquer the next day.

So use this time wisely!

11 New Routines To Adopt At Night For A Successful Day

1– Plan for success:

The best way to do this is by taking a few minutes to write down your list of tasks for tomorrow and prioritize them. This way you’ll know what needs to be done at the beginning of your day, and you can take some time off if needed during the day.

2- Store away your work

At night, take the time to put your keys, wallet, and phone on the charging station, and pick out your clothes for tomorrow. This way you’ll be less stressed in the morning because you know exactly where everything is.

Also, I constantly struggle with this, but I ALWAYS feel better if my house isn’t in chaos when I go to bed.

I don’t like going to bed seeing the messy sofa, the desk that isn’t tidy, or even dirty dishes in the sink. This is not how we want to start the day.

Therefore, set a timer and perform a quick hold for 5 or 10 minutes at night. It may not be perfect, but it’s definitely better and it will make it easier for you to sleep with that feeling that the house is tidy!

3- Prepare tomorrow

What to do in advance for tomorrow?

Usually, children can pack their things the night before to reduce meltdowns and whining the next morning. Examples include:

   – Complete homework

    -Prepare files

   – Plan/prepare breakfasts

    -Plan/prepare outfits and shoes for the younger ones

The same can be said for adult stuff! What can we do tonight so that tomorrow goes as well as possible? Take a few moments to get ready each evening!

– Program your coffee maker

  – Prepare your healthy breakfast or lunch in advance

  – Decide on your clothes

    – Plan according to your priorities

4- Put things down

This one is INSTRUMENTAL to prepare us for success! Consider these…

    Do you want to train tomorrow? Layout your sports clothes!

Is there something important you want to work on? Make sure your computer is charged and in the right place.

Is journaling a goal? Make sure a journal and a pen are on your bedside table where you can see them when you wake up!

This step removes friction so healthy habits are easier the next day to avoid doing those toxic morning things!

Take a moment now and think of a habit or two that you are trying to improve. Think about what you can put in for the next day to do good things and good vibes!

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5- Stretch your body

Relax with easy stretches or yoga before bed. This helps improve flexibility and releases the tension built up in your body after a hard day’s work.

In addition, stretching helps us circulate our blood better for better sleep!

6- Read a book

Now is often the only good time to read something that you love, that inspires you, or that helps you grow.

Start with a few minutes and increase your time as you go! Reading is also the best way to relax without screens before closing your eyes!

It’s also the best way to fall asleep faster and have dreams!!


Do it for two purposes.

First, if your mind has trouble stopping at night, it can be a huge relief to write things down so you can sleep.

Second, to truly grow, we need to take time to pause and reflect.

We cannot learn from our successes and failures if we never stop to think about them.

Try These Easy Nightly Journaling Questions

– What went well today? How did I succeed?

    – What should I improve? How am I going to do it?

   – What am I grateful for today? (What do I want to do tomorrow, next week/month/year?

    – What does my ideal morning/evening/day look like?

  – Where do I see myself in 6 months?

    – What am I most proud of today?

    – Who or what inspired me today?

8- Turn off the electronics

We all know it, but few of us do it. And, it is SO important!

We all want to check our phones one last time before we go to bed. But if we give in, we look up 45 minutes later and wonder why we wasted so much of our precious time! And now we are not tired!

 We only browsed social media when we could have taken that time to relax.

Not only does blue light affect our bodies, but the excess information from our streams does the opposite of slowing us down.

9- Meditate, think and pray

True SILENCE, we receive so little these days.

It is simply about taking time to relax and rejuvenate.

This can be in a bed, a special chair, or even while taking a soothing bath.

Just make sure there is at least part of your day where you are alone with your thoughts.


Next, an amazing nighttime routine MUST include some form of comforting self-care! It can be skincare, a hot cup of tea, a face mask, or anything else that helps melt your stress away from everyday life for a moment.

11- Relationships

Finally, the night can be the perfect time to spend special moments with those you love.

Whether it’s extra kisses for the kids or a little cuddling and watching Netflix (it’s still here!) With the spouse, intentional quality time is a must when our days are packed with activities.

Start with just ONE of these things to do at night to try out your routine tonight!

Before you know it, you’ll have a routine that will help you be more productive, more successful, and more balanced.

Developing healthy nighttime habits will help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and motivated. These eleven new routines to adopt at night can make all the difference in your day-to-day productivity. Give them a try tonight!

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