10 easy practical ways of organizing with baskets

10 Easy Practical Ways of Organizing with Baskets

Baskets make for a great way to organize your belongings. They can be used for practically anything, from storing toys and clothes, to organizing paperwork and cosmetics. Here are 10 easy practical ways of organizing with baskets that will help you declutter your home in no time!

Both the start of the year and the end of the year are a great time to get organized! And what better way to organize than something simple, pretty, and inexpensive, like baskets (made from wicker, I prefer baskets due to their durability and moisture resistance)? Some baskets can be expensive, but you can usually find good finds inexpensively, especially in second-hand shops and on websites.

10 Easy Practical Ways of Organizing with Baskets

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Dish baskets

I have a big flaw in the kitchen, I often leave several items lying around in the kitchen, including tea towels. My solution was to use wicker baskets and place the rags and tea towels in those baskets. This will keep them organized and make them look pretty at the same time in this environment!

Laundry baskets

The second very useful point is to take wicker baskets to the laundry room. Laundry rooms contain many kinds of household products that are very dangerous for children. They tend to want to touch everything and take everything in their mouths. Organize your home with baskets of different sizes to put everything in its place to give a new look to the room as better protection for the little ones. This will prevent you from buying duplicate products.

The baskets also make it easy to stock up on supplies on any tall shelves you might have.

Stair baskets

If you have a multi-story house, chances are that you and your family are tired of leaving small things downstairs and having to put them all upstairs for storage. With stair baskets, anyone can put their things in their own labeled baskets and then climb into the basket (it’s convenient). This method of organizing baskets helps keep things tidy, looking cute, and cuts down on the number of trips you have to make upstairs!

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Mail Baskets

These pretty industrial DIY wire mail baskets make sorting your mail easy! I like it since they’re on the wall, they don’t take a desk or counter!

Bathroom organization

If there’s one room to organize with baskets, it’s the bathroom! This basket is very popular and this two-tier wire basket in her bathroom is so beautiful and simple. It works really well for organizing things on the counter. Use it to keep toothbrushes, washcloths, hand soaps, and other essentials nearby, but in a well-organized container.

Wicker wall baskets

These baskets are perfect in a bathroom, craft room, or anywhere else. These are wicker baskets that take the same spirit as the shelves. But these are better than a simple shelf because they are closed on all sides. It helps the room to appear cleaner. Use different sized baskets for different supplies or for a different look.

Drawer baskets

We often forget to use the baskets in the drawers. The goal is to take baskets of different sizes to organize the famous tote drawer. You are going to make it look great.

I can also see that it works well for a drawer full of small craft supplies.

Fridge or freezer baskets

There are many ways to organize your refrigerator with baskets Given their frequency of use, it’s easy for refrigerators and freezers to become completely unorganized. Use labeled baskets so everyone can access the freezer to cut down on the time you spend looking. Since baskets come in different sizes and are often stackable, they can work well in refrigerators and freezers of all sizes.

Laundry baskets

The baskets are great for storing sheets and cushion covers for the whole family. A disorganized linen closet not only looks messy, but it is also time-consuming as you have to sift through to find what you’re looking for. Luckily, it’s easy to organize a wardrobe with wicker baskets! Labeled baskets are especially useful for making your linen closet look good. And you will be able to find what you are looking for in seconds!

Basket in the living room

Never lose a remote again with a cute little split basket like this! This is especially useful if you have multiple devices with their own remotes. You can also use the basket to store other TV room essentials, such as reading glasses, TV guides, etc.

Organizing your home with baskets is quick, easy, and inexpensive. And as you can see, it can be a lot prettier than organizing traditional plastic organizer bins.

You have seen that there are many ways to organize your life with baskets. The key is finding what works best for you and sticking to a system, so it becomes a habit. It can be helpful to think of the word “baskets” as being symbolic in this regard – they help carry things through each stage of our lives, from childhood into adulthood and beyond. Let us know which ideas inspire you.

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